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This blockchain business case combines doing good and making a profit

If you like strong people that are really into innovation and making a social impact, Taynaah Reis is the one to look at. She is the founder of Moeda, a company that offers digital banking, payments and microloan services using blockchain technology. Moeda aims for more than just a great business model, this company seeks to humanise finance and distribute social impact. And they are (very) well on their way.
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No Brand Purpose? No Worries!

New research, new insights, and suddenly, greed isn't good anymore. Great news, but is your branding not right when you lack some coveted higher purpose to show how do-good you are? No worries, you don't always need a higher purpose for your marketing to be 'doing good'. Suppose you do it right, of course..
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Good news for fintechs: banks still buy technology

Selling has everything to do with helping your customers buy, as we wrote earlier in this blog post about changing your mindset. But markets have changed as a result of coronavirus and the $64,000 question now is if - and how - your customers in the financial services industry have changed their buying behaviour.

If they have, you need to adapt to address this change in demand. After all, understanding the buying process is crucial to doing business.

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PR is dead. How beautiful is that?

This one is for businesses and their executives who have been struggling to successfully share their story with the world. Leaders who are convinced they have a message that key media titles and their readers want to hear, but haven’t succeeded in getting the story out there. Give me 1000 words to explain why and how you can do better.

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