Fintech Cappuccino.


Fintech Cappuccino: a podcast on fintech and more! Brewed on Saturdays and bringing you fintech with a twist.

Hosted by Conny Dorrestijn, founding partner of BankiFi and Brian van Wachem, MD of RedSnap Inc., initiator of the show.



EP23: Money2020 Europe 2023 -

EP23: Money2020 Europe 2023

Live from Money2020: Talking with Angelique Schouten about Using AI in Fintech

EP22: Miklós Dietz  -

EP22: Miklós Dietz

In this episode of Fintech Cappuccino we're fortunate to have a chat with Miklós Dietz, a respected fintech expert and senior partner at McKinsey & Company. Our discussion will revolve around the tangible changes fintech has brought to the world, backed by facts and insightful observations.

EP21: Embedded banking with Bizcuit -

EP21: Embedded banking with Bizcuit

In this episode we serve our Fintech Cappuccino with a Bizcuit. We talk “embedded” with our guests Hessel Kuik, CEO of Bizcuit and Thomas Horn, Strategy Lead Embedded Lending at Rabobank. Embedded banking, payments, services. Is it about banks scraping around to compete with big techs embedded themselves into every company’s and consumers life? Or is it about staying relevant in an era of innovation where all see that it is not about “who owns the customer” but “who serves him best”.

EP20: Money 2020 Europe -

EP20: Money 2020 Europe

Live from Money2020: Baby, it’s cold out there: What is the impact of the public market correction on the (European) private market.

EP19: Tim Levene -

EP19: Tim Levene

In this new episode of Fintech Cappuccino we are talking “where’s the money” with Tim Levene, Co-founder and CEO of Augmentum Fintech, which backs fintechs like Tide, Zopa, Onfido, Interactive Investor and Grover and is the UK’s only publicly listed fintech-focused investment company.

EP18: The 21/22  special -

EP18: The 21/22 special

The 21/22 special edition: looking back to leap forward… The things that caught our fintech eye in 2021 and more importantly looking ahead at: 2022!

EP17: Taynaah Reis -

EP17: Taynaah Reis

This week we are joined by Taynaah Reis. Taynaah is the CEO and co-founder of Moeda, a leading Brazil-based fintech company driving positive social change through inclusive & accessible finance. Moeda’s services are built on the blockchain and leverage this technology throughout the platform.

Fintech Footprint: Outsourcing the bank’s backbone: payments -

Fintech Footprint: Outsourcing the bank’s backbone: payments

In this special we focus on the first Dutch bank to fully outsource its payments operations. Listen how Wealth Manager Van Lanschot Bankiers opted to work with German Fintech turned European Outsourcing partner Fidor (currently part of the Sopra Banking Software group).

EP13: Joost van der Plas -

EP13: Joost van der Plas

Our guest this week is Joost van der Plas, CEO and co-founder of Maven 11 Capital, a blockchain and digital asset investment firm. As an early angel investor in Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other early-stage ventures, Joost built a portfolio of blockchain projects and realized a 13X multiple before launching Maven 11 Fund I. Today in a most uncertain and exciting market he and his partners are raising money for Fund II.

EP12: Gaston Aussems -

EP12: Gaston Aussems

Gaston Aussems, former CEO of Mollie payments, the most recent Dutch unicorn, is our guest in this new episode of Fintech Cappuccino. Brian and Conny talked with him about his journey with Mollie, the challenges faced and his view on regulations and innovations. Naturally they also discussed life after Mollie.

EP11: Benoit Legrand -

EP11: Benoit Legrand

In this new episode of Fintech Cappuccino Conny and Brian are joined by Benoît Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer at ING Global. ING announced that per 31-12 the roles of CIO and ING Ventures will be merged in ING Neo, but they did not say what Benoît actually will do in 2021, listen and find out.

EP10: Dave Birch -

EP10: Dave Birch

In this new episode of Fintech Cappuccino we are joined by David Birch. Dave barely needs an introduction in the fintech scene. His curiosity, insights, expertise, wit and pen have earned him a seat at many board room tables as an advisor, visionary, antagonist or sparring partner.

EP9: Oliver Bullough -

EP9: Oliver Bullough

In this episode Oliver Bullough, author of ‘Moneyland’ and regular contributor to The Guardian and the New York Times takes us deep into the hidden world of power and money in the 21st century: the inhabitants of Moneyland, who go to great lengths to avoid paying tax.

EP8: Chris Skinner returns -

EP8: Chris Skinner returns

Chris Skinner is a returning guest on Fintech Cappuccino and well known as an independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech through his blog The finanser.com and as the author of a range of bestselling books Digital Bank, Value Web, Digital Human and most recently Doing Digital.

EP7: Mark te Riele -

EP7: Mark te Riele

Mark has been active in the asset management industry across the globe for over 20 years. He served in various senior executive roles based out of Amsterdam, Jakarta, Hong Kong and London. He covered asset management markets in Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

EP6: Santa Claus -

EP6: Santa Claus

Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa, is a legendary figure originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved children on the night of Christmas Eve.

EP5: Allard Luchsinger -

EP5: Allard Luchsinger

Allard Luchsinger is partner at Velocity Capital Fintech Ventures. Investing around the globe, he brings a broad view on the fintech. Allard leads investments in Europe, US, Africa and Asia. Buckle up for the ride!

EP4: Annemieke Roobeek. -

EP4: Annemieke Roobeek.

Annemieke Roobeek brings a wealth of experience in innovation around complex issues in organisations in both the public and private domain. Inspiring people on stage, in lecture halls and in board rooms, she relentlessly pulls us in the direction of the future … lessons for fintech to be drawn.

EP3: Mark Buitenhek -

EP3: Mark Buitenhek

Mark Buitenhek is the global head of Transaction Services for ING, a bank he has worked for during his entire career. During that time he has been able to combine his job with a board memberships at both Swift and the European Payments Council, as well as Advisory Board Member to Mastercard.

EP2: Matthias Kröner -

EP2: Matthias Kröner

Second episode of Fintech Cappuccino; a podcast show on fintech and more! At Money2020 Europe we meet up with Matthias Kröner, founder of Fidor Bank, a top gear fintech entrepreneur, and surely one of the first to move from strategy to action. He starts on reflecting how a services hotel based career turned into banking. The price, the reward and the future of our industry….

EP1: Chris Skinner -

EP1: Chris Skinner

First episode of Fintech Cappuccino; a podcast show on fintech and more! Featuring fintech guru Chris Skinner. Hosted by Conny Dorrestijn, founding partner of BankiFi and Brian van Wachem, MD of RedSnap Inc., initiator of the show. Chris Skinner is one of the first movers worldwide on fintech. He is the absolute guru on fintech, writer, speaker, blogger and is travelling the world all the time to get to know the latest on what's happening in the industry.