Don’t follow - be the leader.

Generating leads seems to be the holy grail of any sales organization. But let’s be realistic: there is no quick fix in this fast paced workfield. Creating leads is an ongoing process and all about the details: figuring out what works and what not in a constantly changing environment.

RedSnap Inc. offers you a full range of services and tools for lead generation that make you stand out from the crowd. The goal is to make sure your prospect moves toward sales or signups.


Let’s talk business.

Targeting is key for creating leads in tech and fintech. We keep this in mind and know how to generate leads in highly competitive and crowded markets like yours. The challenges you face are real, we help you by creating a cycle of consistent and valuable leads.




Generate leads.


Create a consistent and reliable revenue stream by focussing on lead generation. Identify and cultivate all activities to build a business relationship with your potential customers.

ROI is leading.

Getting a lead is one thing, making sure it converts to a paying customer is another and making this an ongoing process is the next. Always keep the return on investments (ROI) for lead generation in mind.

Together with you, we design and manage lead generation cycles that deliver the most value. 


Redsnap Inc. uses the marketing automation tool HubSpot to attract, grow traffic, convert visitors, nurture leads and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

Alignment and a good overview of all your activities is realized with the right tooling.

Conversion techniques.

The goal is to convert a lead to a customer after they’ve clicked on your advertisement or marketing campaign. This makes the landing page, and all the functionalities involved, one of the most interesting tools for your lead generation. Together, we make sure that your conversion techniques are up to speed and designed for conversion.

Lead scoring.

Marketing automation software is a great tool to prioritize your leads. We help you do so by looking at their levels of engagement with your inbound marketing content. In the end, you want to know which leads are ready to buy (and which we should give some more time or information).

The key to this is a correct setup and our experience can help you to fix it.

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