Buyers are not just moving to digital channels - they have arrived.

Before buyers reach out to a salesperson they might be up to 90% of the way through their research. What you need is a keen strategy and operation for digital channels. Because your B2B finance customers aren’t just moving towards a digital strategy - they have arrived.

Let's give your digital channels some much needed (sweet) attention:



Companies (yours as well) need an integrated strategy.

People do not want to choose when it comes to the way they connect with you. In-person, remote, and digital channels, they want it all. This is a lot to manage, but the RedSnap team has your back with an integrated strategy. We take care of all your digital channels - if you want us to.

There’s no way back to just offering one or two (digital) channels. The pandemic also made B2B customers aware of all the advantages of combining different channels. Now they prefer an integrated mix of remote, digital self-service and in-person interactions in equal measure.

So many demands yet so little time.

Your customers need information and they want it right here and right now.
This means your digital channels need to be:

  • Consistent
  • Connected
  • Personalized

These factors are pivotal for demand & lead generation. We make sure your digital channels are optimized for your target audiences, channels and devices.


Do you get frustrated because your website is not getting you the results you want? Join the (business-)club because many tech or fintech companies share this frustration.

Stop treating your website like a marketing tool, but use it as the sales tool that it actually is - and get results.

Support sales.

A website and its content should first and foremost support the sales process. If your sales team doesn’t use the website on a regular basis to provide prospects with answers to their burning questions, ​you might be failing.​

Right content.

Focus on building the right content and help your sales team integrate the website into their process from start to finish. You’ll ​immediately​ find that you shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates.


Answer questions.

If your website doesn’t instil enough trust to get people to purchase your product, then what is it actually doing? Together we make sure your website is answering the ​most common questions that potential buyers have​. 

Get prospects.

Potential buyers seek and find answers to their questions on your website. This is an organic way to bring them to your website, which results in lead generation.​ This will only work when you bring the sales team into the process of your website.

Do you want a digital billboard or a powerful sales tool?

80% of the questions, your sales team answers over and over (and over, and over…) again, can be answered by your website. Your website is more than a digital billboard, it is a lead generator.


By answering the right questions on your website, you can find yourself in front of prospects the second they are searching for their question.

Perfect timing.

Give people the experience and information that search engines look for when surfacing websites to the top of their rankings.

Together we make sure your website will provide this with perfect timing: right here and right now with the most relevant information.

Key answers.

Organizing is key to generate all the answers your customers want and all the leads you need.

Together we make sure your website is structured by topic areas or pillars. The pillar page that targets the high-level topic should link off to pages that target subtopic area keywords and vice versa. 


Key questions.

If you start by answering all the key questions your prospects and customers ask, you’ll be well on your way to producing great content that will be found by search engines.

The RedSnap team helps you to focus on providing content that brings real value (and isn’t just fluff).

Key words.

Selecting the right keywords, and then structuring the pages of your website in this way, will go a long way in driving additional results from your traffic.


Your B2B audience hangs out on social media platforms – so you should too. They kill time scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn just like the rest of us. Maintain a presence with valuable content where you know your audience will see it.

Account-based marketing.

Technology and tools have made it easy for businesses of all sizes to create ABM strategies. There’s really no better place to connect with your accounts than social media.

We make sure your audience can engage in authentic conversations with your brand.

Retargeting is your best friend.

Always keep asking yourself the question if there is another piece of content that needs to be promoted to gently guide potential customers down the (digital) sales funnel.

Together with you we organise retargeting features to nurture your leads – but don’t push them.


The human side of your brand.

Be prepared to make some new friends.

The whole point of social media is to connect humans with other humans. Together we make sure that people can see the human side of your brand as well.


Partner with other brands and curate content.

The closed character of banking and financial institutions is rapidly changing. We are all together in this crazy, fast-moving world of technology and innovations.

We help you to connect with other brands and engage a bigger audience.