HubSpot is not magic, but we can add some

While HubSpot offers incredible marketing automation features, analytics, and more, it is not magic. In the end, it is just a tool - but if you set it up in the right way you can get some real nice business magic going. And exactly that is what we do with your Hubspot Setup service.

Our HubSpot setup team comes to the rescue

In the setup phase, we discuss all your marketing and sales processes. We implement the correct HubSpot configuration that maps these processes. 

With a ‘quickstart session’, we give perspective to HubSpot users and stakeholders. We talk them through the setup, give them an overview of all the possibilities and how it all connects.




Why HubSpot setup?


The right setup of your marketing automation is the kickstarter for a successful marketing and sales organisation.

This is how we do it


  • Fundamentals: Kickoff call, Information gathering, discuss set-up timeline
  • Analyse & Implement: Portal setup, analysis of marketing & sales processes and implement appropriate and tailored Hubspot set up and potential migration of current CRM
  • Quickstart session