There’s more to winning.

Be the best, close the deal, play your A-game,... So many motivational sales quotes out there that one might wonder why there are still deals lost. But you know just as well as we do that there is more to winning a deal than telling a great story.

Building a winning sales organization is all about a combination of a good process, proper sales management and superb interpersonal skills.


Today’s B2B buyer is self-informed and digital. Increasingly connected buyers have unbounded access to information. It’s easy for prospects to self-educate and resist engaging in sales until much later in the cycle.

Today’s buyers might be up to 90% of the way through their research before reaching out to a salesperson




The Sales Game has changed.


Don't bother your Sales people.

Successful fintech companies master both digital and conventional marketing & sales capabilities. Leave the organizing of all the on- and offline information to your managers, so your salespeople can do what they do best: closing the deal.

RedSnap helps both the sales manager and the sales with everything needed to develop a winning sales strategy.

To get you the deals you need, we help you with the right content, win assessments, call guides, scripts and objection handling. Meanwhile, we make sure that your buyer journey is aligned with the engagement process and help you close the deal with proposing and negotiations.

We help you to set your sales goals and get your planning organized.
We do so by getting you insights in pipelines and dashboards.


We’ve been around for a while in the tech and fintech markets. Tap into our experience to understand your client’s wishes and make a real connection. Interpersonal and communications skills make the difference between winning and losing the deal.




Winning the deal.


It’s not what you sell; it’s how you sell it. Most choices are made based on the actual sales conversations with suppliers. For winning sales, you need online and offline conversations that are valuable.


Of course, your customers know everything about their own product. And of course their products and services are great. Still, the right information will give them the advantage to compete in their market. Winning sales means teaching your customers something new and valuable on how to compete.

Together with the RedSnap team we set up a teaching plan for winning sales.

Take control.

With the proper preparation and information, we make sure you take and keep control over discussions on pricing and money. Control over the sales process also means you can challenge your customer.

Help your customers get over “indecision inertia” and face the music by providing them with all the information they need (and the information they didn't even know they needed).



The foundation for your winning sales is knowledge. Together we make sure to build (and keep on building) on your expertise.

We collect all the information there is to find on your market and the competition, your customer processes, products and sales skills.

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