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Lead qualification is an essential step in the sales process. It determines if your company will actually spend sales resources on an opportunity and will actively engage with a potential client.

This is the phase of the sales process where you move from an MQL (marketing qualified lead) to an SQL (sales qualified lead).



The struggle is real - so is our solution.

There is a real chance that you struggle with the transition from a marketing approach to a sales approach. Marketing has to ‘hand over’ an MQL as hot as possible and sales needs to decide whether to run with this opportunity. Marketing creates the lead, but sales has to qualify it. 

The Redsnap Inc. team is happy to help you here with in depth analysis of the process and by sharing our experience with many other technology companies.

Basically there are two important steps to take as a company between MQL to SQL :

  • How will we connect with the potential client? 
  • How do we qualify opportunities in such a way that sales will start running and marketing gets the feeling that they created a valuable lead?



Determine which potential customers are most likely to make an actual purchase. Lead qualification is crucial for your sales strategy.

Give sales a chance.

We offer your sales and marketing team the insights and the tools to connect. We see across start-ups, medium-sized and even larger companies in the fintech-scene that sales teams are turning over every stone to find leads. But they need their marketing insights to get in front of the people who are actually interested in their proposition.

Gather data.

The lead process is crucial to make sales and that means that you need as much information on your potential clients as possible.

Our team helps you to gather (the right) data. Both internal and external.


Ever the twain shall meet.

Sales and marketing need to sit down together and determine the target clients and buyer personas. We help your marketing team to initiate this. Meanwhile, this can also provide valuable input on the account-based plan to win a new client.

We make sure that entry to new clients is the common goal of your sales and marketing teams.


Research is one thing, but actually analysing the situation is what you need. Executing a successful transition from MQL to SQL means that sales has to find out if there is a reasonable win chance.

We help your sales team to figure this out by asking the right qualification questions and take the necessary follow-up actions to actually win the deal.

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