People-centred Automation.

Although you work in a high-tech fintech market, your sales, marketing and the management of your relations all revolve around humans. Still, all these people-centred tasks can be automated, if you organize them in the right way.

The Redsnap team is at your disposal to help the automation of your customer relationships (CRM), marketing and sales with HubSpot.

What you really need is a socle.

Your company needs to grow, accelerate, scale and increase leads. Therefore you need to automate your marketing, streamline sales processes and get your customer service up to speed. Ergo: a lot.

To keep your processes aligned, we make sure your sales and marketing automation are built with your CRM as the socle.

Together we find the best ways to:

  • Professionalize, optimize and rationalize your current marketing automation and CRM
  • Monitor marketing & sales performance
  • Build digital sales (channel)
  • Align your marketing & sales organisation

And in the end, you need more time…, or maybe not.

Most fintechs need their time and skills to build and evolve their products and services. Which is great and actually the most effective way to get your company growing. But it also means that many fintechs are facing a lack of time to get up to speed with the automation of their CRM, marketing and sales.

RedSnap Inc. comes to the rescue, we fill in all aspects of selection, implementation, integration and embedding of relevant tooling.






Automation can give you data and insights to get your CRM, marketing and sales processes aligned and up to full gear.

HubSpot for fintechs

We implement, embed and support the HubSpot CRM platform within 4 months. The HubSpot technology, combined with RedSnaps enablement services invigorate the commercial capability of any tech company.

Platform recommendation & setup

We analyze your current technology environment and recommend tooling, HubSpot licensing, and organizational requirements. Once implemented we organize quickstart session to get you up and running. Meanwhile, we can set up anything from the analysis of marketing & sales processes to a tailored HubSpot environment. If needed we migrate your current CRM.

Better, faster, stronger

Using HubSpot allows you to increase leads, accelerate sales and streamline customer service. Redsnap Inc. provides you with the data and insights you need to generate leads.

Training & support

To get the most out of your CRM, marketing and sales automation we train you to use HubSpot in the most effective way. In three month, with 13 modules you will be onboarded and trained. We won bother you with unnecessary details, you’ll get tailor-made and hands-on training.

To address pragmatic HubSpot related questions there is an all you can ask support service included. After the training period of 3 months, RedSnap can support clients with answering pragmatic HubSpot related questions

HubSpot for Fintech.



Insights on the use of HubSpot