Position yourself to the top - or as the charming underdog.

The right positioning of your brand gives you an advance over your competitors. It answers questions such as ‘Why are you unique?’ or ‘Why would potential customers even consider talking to you?’

Positioning is something marketing and sales need to tackle if you want to succeed in this highly competitive market.

We are there for you to find the answers you need.


Be harsh on yourself.

Brutal honesty is the best ingredient to get your positioning right. Ask yourself for which clients you solve what particular problems. And how will you execute the solutions? In the end, you need to find the answer to the big question ‘What makes us….us?’

Be harsh on yourself when you are looking to find the answers to these questions. We ran in too many companies that thought they were solving a problem that was not at all perceived as a problem by their potential clients. No worries, we are here to help you with that - and if needed we will ease the pain with some impactful positioning strategies.

Position your brand.

A good brand positioning strategy maximizes customer relevancy and distinguishes you from your competitors by maximizing brand value

Different is good.

Positioning is all about differentiation from your competitors. The basic service may be the same, but the way organisations position themselves is very different.

Together we take a look at what makes you different in a good (the very best) way.


One of the strongest tools to get your positioning right is your messaging. Maybe you sell a product that is similar to that of your competitors, so you have to make sure that customers know why yours is better suited to solve their particular problems.

The Redsnap Inc. team has your back and makes sure your messaging is consistent and always supports your positioning.


What’s the problem anyway?

We make sure that the problem you are solving is the one that your customer needs to be solved.

Your positioning strategy is all about a laser-sharp focus on the most urgent challenges your potential customers experience right now. 

Have a dream?

Positioning is closely related to the vision of your company. The vision is your informed view on the world, the culmination of identifying opportunities – and being aware of what is happening in the market - to find your raison d’etre as a company.

In other words: we help you to find your unique place in the spectrum of technology providers.

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