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Ernst Roelofs

Co-founder and digital director of RedSnap Inc.. During his career, Ernst made the switch from thinking in terms of just digital marketing to “marketing in a digital world”. Ernst is convinced that the best marketers in this digital world are people with a digital-heavy DNA. He has over 15 years experience, among others with Five Degrees. Ernst was a presenter at the prestigious Finovate Europe 2016 conference. Before that, Ernst founded Soyuz Digital, a one-stop, online & social marketing boutique for technology firms.

No Brand Purpose? No Worries!

New research, new insights, and suddenly, greed isn't good anymore. Great news, but is your branding not right when you lack some coveted higher purpose to show how do-good you are? No worries, you don't always need a higher purpose for your marketing to be 'doing good'. Suppose you do it right, of course..
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CEO's and Innovation





Harvard Business School Professor Leonard Schlesinger talks about how CEOs approach innovation, and offers advice for leaders inside large companies on working to support their CEO and advance their innovation agendas.

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Innoveren is belangrijk, maar verkopen is ook een kunst

If you cannot make it, fake it, luidt een Amerikaans gezegde onder ondernemers. Amerikanen zijn er goed in: hun product verkopen voordat de ontwikkeling is gestart. Nederlandse ondernemers, een stuk bescheidener, zouden nog best wat kunnen leren van onze verre buur. Met alle aandacht voor onderzoek en ontwikkeling, laat de verkoop nog wel eens op zich wachten, zo blijkt uit een rondgang langs de Nieuwe Kampioenen. Te lang 'doorgehold', te laat de markt op gegaan, het vak van 'sales onderschat'.

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ClickFox and MIcompany join forces to accelerate development of Customer Journey Analytics

Journey data company ClickFox and Data Analytics agency MIcompany are joining forces to change the way in which businesses analyze data in order to help them gain more value using Customer Journey Analytics. ClickFox will partner with MIcompany in the launching of the Data Technology Academy to develop world-class data and analytics skills that will capture value from journey analytics and MIcompany will partner with ClickFox for journey analytics implementation on their platform and enrichment with custom analytical apps.

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