Marketing automation for fintechs (that works like a charm)

We've probably told you enough about the marketing automation magic now, so let's make it happen. What do you have to do to make your incredible marketing automation system work like a charm?

Marketing automation for (b2b) fintechs is all about people, remember? So, how do you design a people-centred campaign and use the best tools marketing automation has to offer? The combination of man (f/m/x) and machine is as intriguing as it is tricky. How many times haven't you heard that a campaign failed because of the wrong:

  • tooling
  • target group
  • message
  • medium
  • timing
  • etc.

Actually, neither of the above is accurate, and all reasons are true (another paradox, sorry not sorry). Because it is never 'just' the tooling or 'just the target group'. It is always the combination of the different ingredients that makes your marketing automation work or fail. 

The big question is how you make the right combination of tools and people factors. To help you get started, here are some practical ways of approaching your next automated marketing campaign.

There's always the next step

Everything your (potential) customer does should be rewarded. You want to create a valuable relationship with people so they feel that you are involved. So don't stop communicating with your customers once you've set the first step in your relationship.

Never forget the next step when you design your automated marketing campaigns. For example: if a customer signs in on your website for an event, or downloads a whitepaper, they need to receive an email afterwards and not only one. Make sure you stick out from the crowd and send follow-up emails with a short interval (but not too short, because, you know, spam and all).

Keep in touch

Without getting on too strong, it is no problem to use your marketing automation to re-connect. Check which customers you haven't been in touch with for a while and email them with your latest products or services. 

With the right marketing automation tools, you can use this re-connecting strategy relatively easy without too much hassle for you. With the right content, your customer will be delighted to hear from you.

It's not the tool, it's the content

This might sound like a no-brainer but never forget that your automated marketing campaigns are only as good as their content.

Too many marketers have written off tools like newsletters because they think they don't work. But in most cases, it is not the newsletter that people dislike, but the content. Make sure that your newsletters are not just about sending your message but that they are engaging. Give your customers what they crave: exciting content that makes their clocks tick (not just yours).

Save you and your customers some valuable time

Did you have a significant event or trade show? Good for you, your sales team can call everyone that left their contact details. But not everyone that checked in (digitally) needs your product or service right now. Some were checking you out and will get back to you later; sometimes, this takes years.

So, before letting your valuable salespeople call them, just set up an automated email campaign to check on what the people you met actually need. Make this campaign easy to respond to; the potential customers that need you now will get back to you.

Just do it!

Before you get to it, please remember not to overthink your automated marketing campaigns too much. 

Of course, you need a solid target driven campaign. General data and people insights can help you a lot with designing your campaign. But don't spend too long on research without testing your premises. Because in the end, you need to figure out what works for your customers and the best way to fine-tune your campaign is by just doing it. 

The more educated experiments you run, the more data and insights you gain on your particular target group. These data and insights are the key to the success of your next marketing automation campaign and the next one and the next one...

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