ClickFox and MIcompany join forces to accelerate development of Customer Journey Analytics

Journey data company ClickFox and Data Analytics agency MIcompany are joining forces to change the way in which businesses analyze data in order to help them gain more value using Customer Journey Analytics. ClickFox will partner with MIcompany in the launching of the Data Technology Academy to develop world-class data and analytics skills that will capture value from journey analytics and MIcompany will partner with ClickFox for journey analytics implementation on their platform and enrichment with custom analytical apps.

Building data analytical competencies to unlock the value in customer journey data

Marco Pacelli, Chief Executive Officer of ClickFox: “We provide tools that give businesses insights into the journey customers undertake while buying and using products and services. These insights are invaluable to improve customer experience and optimize business operations. Given the vast amount of data that is often scattered across the enterprise, however, this is a formidable challenge requiring advanced technology, data and analytics skills. With MIcompany we have found the partner to help us build exactly these skills at our clients as well as in our teams. The Data Technology Academy we are partnering in is a unique proposition that combines our customer journey technology with the experience of MIcompany in building data analytical capabilities.”

Customer Journey Analytics as the new field in big data

Marnix Bügel, founding partner of MIcompany: “The next breakthrough in Big Data Analytics I believe will be driven by customer journey data. In particular, the exponentially growing touch point data and granularity with which ClickFox makes this available, opens up a whole new field in big data. That's why I’m so excited about our partnership. Combining ClickFox’ journey data expertise and their big data platform with our experience in building data analytics capabilities, we can help our clients to create more value based on customer journey analytics.”

About ClickFox:
ClickFox offers a one of a kind big data platform and a suite of solutions that enable enterprises to get the most value out of each customer interaction across all channels. Based on a unique data infrastructure and algorithms the platform connects all customer touch point data to reveal end-to-end customer journeys. It provides teams with the data and tools to discover opportunities to improve key business drivers such as customer satisfaction and churn customer, and business operations. Using the ClickFox platform, our Fortune 500 clients have gained insights that have led to $billions in savings and revenue.

About MIcompany:
MIcompany is a leading agency in Data Analytics with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. MIcompany’s purpose is to build Data Analytics capabilities with and for her clients. Our underlying belief is that sustainable impact can only be achieved when companies step-up their internal capabilities. In the field of opportunity identification and impact capture, but also in terms of advanced modelling, technology and – maybe most importantly – the skills of their people.

To be able to do this, MIcompany has her own educational institute, the MIacademy, and a technology team to implement advanced analytical models in business systems and to develop analytical apps. The MIcompany team consists of 65 employees today and expanded her operations across more than 20 countries over the last few years.