Fidor partners with Van Lanschot in the Netherlands.

A FinTech partnership creating the first PSD2-inspired Payment Avenue.

Fidor, the innovative provider of digital banking solutions that helps firms launch and run their own digital banks, today signed a partnership agreement with Van Lanschot (LANS.AS), the leading wealth management firm, founded in 1737 in the Netherlands.

The partnership will enable Van Lanschot to upgrade their payments software and infrastructure using the Fidor digital banking solution.

This partnership comes at a time where banks will soon be facing pressure to comply with the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The fidorOS platform is built using open APIs and geared for the future. The integration of fidorOS will provide Van Lanschot`s platform with added benefits such as significant cost efficiencies, added flexibility and fast implementation while reducing risks for Van Lanschot to enter into a major and costly infrastructure change on their back end.

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