EP23: Money2020 Europe

Tune into this exciting episode of Fintech Cappuccino, broadcasted live from Money20/20 Europe, featuring our guest Angelique Schouten. A Fintech expert, founder of 10x.Team, and author of the recent book 'Rising AI Tech Demystified,' Angelique undertakes a unique venture: co-writing with AI.

Dive deep with us into Angelique's intriguing journey of partnering full-time with ChatGPT on this project. She authored 'Rising AI, Tech Demystified' in a marathon week of intensive collaboration with the AI. Get behind-the-scenes insights on how it felt to have AI as a co-author and learn from the lessons she discovered.

Hear about the transition from traditional copywriting to AI-informed prompt writing. Did this experience alter her perspective on AI's capabilities? Is there a space where human creativity and AI intersect? And the ultimate question: would she dare to do it again?

Join us as we demystify AI and Fintech in this captivating podcast episode with Angelique Schouten.