Who do you think you are?

Welcome to the latest ‘mind the gap’ sales blog: a series of short and actionable guides to successfully selling into the financial services sector. Today we will discuss brand & identity, but let’s first make sure we are all on the same page about the terminology because the language used is often misunderstood.

Brand: Your brand is a combination of a visual identity, tone of voice and behaviour - most visibly expressed through your logo, taglines and images used in communication campaigns.

Tempting the customer

Your logo should reflect your brand personality, not what you do. Taglines offer the promise of something rather than explaining your offering in detail. Images should reflect the emotion you want to create in the mind of the viewer.

Campaigns are a combined marketing and sales effort towards a specific objective with an intriguing theme, delivered through a set of activities over a defined period of time. And the days of running a campaign across a single platform are over – it’s all about integration now.

Setting out your strategy

Identity: This is your company's DNA, your beliefs and values - what you stand for. Other people will refer to it as your purpose. It basically underpins everything: your vision, mission and strategy.

The reason I am banging on about these terms is that most companies selling into the financial services sector have some of the above in place – but their approach to branding and identity is haphazard and not very joined-up.

Making them want you

Having a strong brand is important. People want to connect to your brand, to buy into your story. Together with positioning (which I will discuss in my next blog), it provides answers to who you are, what you do, why you do it and for whom. This is not just about customers either – it is just as important that your own people connect with the brand.

The financial services industry is notoriously risk averse – banks do not work with suppliers they have never heard of, so having a strong brand is about more than vanity. Branding gives you your unique identity and your position in the market.

In the next blog in this series we will talk more about positioning. Make sure you are in the right place to find out more!


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