Who do you think you are?

Welcome to the latest ‘mind the gap’ sales blog: a series of short and actionable guides to successfully selling into the financial services sector. Today we will discuss brand & identity, but let’s first make sure we are all on the same page about the terminology because the language used is often misunderstood.

Brand: Your brand is a combination of a visual identity, tone of voice and behaviour - most visibly expressed through your logo, taglines and images used in communication campaigns.

Fintechs, fasten your seatbelts: RedSnap Inc. is here!

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Fintech agencies RedSnap and East have joined forces to form RedSnap Inc., a full-service branding, marketing and sales agency powering growth of fintech companies worldwide. The merger has been coordinated and executed by financial specialist Hidde Hartelust. RedSnap Inc. is operational from three offices in Amsterdam and Milan and has strong connections in major fintech hubs across the globe, such as Amsterdam, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

RedSnap was founded 3,5 years ago by Brian van Wachem, who previously held several positions as a commercial director in both Europe and Asia. Brian was soon joined by (digital) marketing specialist Ernst Roelofs, who had been working for tech companies for years already. East was started by Diederik Heinink, who was previously working with financials and agencies in several parts of the world, was an entrepreneur before and is specialized in marketing and communications strategy, branding and reputation management.

Brian, founder of RedSnap, commented: "We were already following the stormy development of East and saw the agency was complementary to our services. Now, we can finally offer a one-stop shop for fintechs."

"I saw these guys were setting a new standard in supporting fintech growth and knew RedSnap would be the perfect business partner. Together, we can integrate branding, marketing and sales to truly deliver everything that fintech companies need to grow," said Diederik Heinink.

RedSnap Inc. is currently powering growth for: AcceptEasy, Bankifi, Blanco, BPC Banking Technologies, Fidor, Fintonic, Owlin, Randstad, RedCompass, Smart2Pay, Suburbia and Twisto.

Brian van Wachem

Co-founder and managing director of RedSnap Inc.. Brian has built a proven track record in commercial roles within the global tech and financial services industry. He worked as a board member for a FinTech 50 startup as well as an executive in (at that time) the biggest technology company in the world, both in Europe and Asia. Brian’s specialism is developing and implementing business development strategies within technology scale ups. He is passionate about sports and currently occupied with training for the triathlon.
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Who do you think you are?

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