Who do you think you are?

Welcome to the latest ‘mind the gap’ sales blog: a series of short and actionable guides to successfully selling into the financial services sector. Today we will discuss brand & identity, but let’s first make sure we are all on the same page about the terminology because the language used is often misunderstood.

Brand: Your brand is a combination of a visual identity, tone of voice and behaviour - most visibly expressed through your logo, taglines and images used in communication campaigns.

From lead to deal: change your mindset

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Lack of structure and a lot of creativity. Are these the characteristics that come to mind when asked to describe a great salesperson? Not really right? Yet, the best sales people I know in the industry are not very structured, not very organised nor disciplined. 

Instead, the best sales people I have come across are very creative and people oriented - and yes, this includes that good sales people are trustworthy and likeable. They always find a way and get things done. For them, no deal is the same!


The sales game has changed

So being creative, is that bad? Not at all: In the last decade the sales game has changed dramatically from “controlling the sales cycle “ to “facilitating the buyer journey”. A totally different game that makes creativity and being nice good characteristics!

An important thing to remember is that people like to buy, but don’t want to be sold to. Good sales help clients buy. So please, stop selling. All you need to do is to find the clients who want to buy from you and then help them

Of course it all starts with your mindset. But what is equally important, is knowing your client... Where is he situated in his buyer journey? To know this, you'll have to do some research and use the right data. With this knowledge you’ll be in good shape.


About this series of blog posts...

If I'm completely honest: lack of structure doesn’t work for me. (And I can’t rely on my creativity either, haha!) That’s why I structured this series of short and actionable blog posts regarding successfully engaging with the financial services industry. The structure I use in the coming blog posts is that we go from branding via marketing quickly to sales.

I’m Brian, by the way. And, for over 25 years I sold technology to the financial services sector.  Through a series of blog posts I will share my experiences, best practices, do’s and don'ts, pitfalls, etc. to help technology companies successfully sell to banks. By the way, if I use the word ‘banks’ or ‘bankers’ I also mean insurers and asset managers and the people that work in insurance or asset management.

Stay tuned!

Now that we discussed the sales game overall, it’s time to learn about the three most important things you need to have in place if you successfully want to engage successfully with bankers… I will unveil them in the next blog post.

So… Stay tuned or subscribe to the blog.


This blog post is #1 in the Mind the gap!-series

Brian van Wachem

Co-founder and managing director of RedSnap Inc.. Brian has built a proven track record in commercial roles within the global tech and financial services industry. He worked as a board member for a FinTech 50 startup as well as an executive in (at that time) the biggest technology company in the world, both in Europe and Asia. Brian’s specialism is developing and implementing business development strategies within technology scale ups. He is passionate about sports and currently occupied with training for the triathlon.
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Who do you think you are?

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